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WordPress is one of the most effective CMS out there. The script is so popular not just because it’s open source, but due to the large pool of support and countless plugins available. That’s why many bloggers and businesses are opting for WordPress as opposed to contracting a programming company to design the website from the scratch. Since WordPress has conquered where the rest have failed, the next thing that someone needs to check is the hosting. Many hosting companies do promise some great features, but none of them come close to WPEngine. We will look at the company briefly and break down WPEngine Webhosting Plans.


WPEngine Coupons

What is WPEngine Webhosting?

WPEngine is the by far the best webhosting that is entirely dedicated to hosting WordPress. The services they offer and the support makes it stand out from the rest. For a company that has been operation for over a decade, and has satisfied over 50,000 clients while hosting over 500,000 website, it would be an understatement to classify them as ‘JUST ANOTHER WEBHOSTING COMPANY’. Let’s break down the hosting plans they have.

Personal Plan:

This is the lowest plan they have. This plan comes with one WordPress install, supports 25,000 visits per month, with 10GB disc space and offer unlimited data transfer. This project is suitable for anyone who is looking to deploy one website, or is looking to test the hosting for bigger projects. You get to test this plan for a monthly cost of $29/-

Professional Plan:

This plan is a bit advanced in terms of features compared to the personal plan. This plan offers up to 10 WordPress installs, and supports up to 100,000 visits per month. The plan also comes with a 20GB disc space for storage and an unlimited data transfer. This plan is suitable for a business that has steady traffic flow, or running numerous small sites. If you are also looking to host for your clients, this plan will fit well with you. The plan comes with a monthly fee of $99/-

Business Plan:

This plan is more focused on those who wish to deploy big projects. The plan offers a cool 25 WordPress installs. It also supports 400,000 visits per month, which is good for big projects. You also get 30 GB local storage and unlimited data transfer. The plan too lets you have access to the cutting edge GeoIP. The monthly cost for this plan is $249/-

Premium Plan:

If you have a brand or your business is growing steadily, it’s highly required for your business to stay up and should be running every minute. That’s why this plan exists. The plan comes with a cool 150 WordPress installs, supports up to 1 million visits per month, offers 100 GB to 300 GB of local storage and unlimited data transfer. This plan will support your business and you will never have to worry about downtime anymore. To get the actual monthly cost, you will have to contact the support and agree on what you will need in order for them to give you the quotation of your monthly charge.

Enterprise Plan:

This is the mother of all hosting plans they have. This plan will guarantee you scalability, reliability and most of all, security. This is accomplished due to the multiple servers that leverage intelligent load balancing that unleashes the most powerful and reliable WordPress managed hosting anywhere in the market. This plan comes with 150 WordPress installs, supports over 5 million visits per month! It offers a disc space of anywhere from 400 GB to a cool 1TB. The plan also comes with unlimited data transfer. Even you can’t say no to this. To know how much it will cost you, you will have to contact support and submit your estimate usage so that they can give you a quotation.


After looking at all these plans and also the reviews from their clients, it would be safe to say that WPEngine is indeed the best managed WordPress hosting in the market. They offer zero compromise WordPress hosting and their support cannot be rivaled. Having your business run on their servers offers a stress free environment and lets you focus on what you do best; Run Your Business.

These WPEngine Webhosting Plans cannot be compared by any WordPress hosting out there.