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Hostgator vs Bluehost Hosting 2019

Choosing the most suitable hosting provider is proving a lot like cracking a hard nut. There is over a hundred web hosting companies, all blowing their trumpets and calling upon you and me to subscribe to their seemingly juicy deals. Of course, a newbie will experience tons of undue difficulties choosing the right one if a seasoned individual doesn’t chip in and offer useful pieces of advice.

If you are torn between Hostgator and Bluehost, and can’t decide who to go for, this article is what you most definitely require. We offer an honest and unbiased head-to-head comparison of the two with focus on the major deciding factors one looks at when hunting for a web hosting provider.


Let’s check them out!

Performance: Uptime and Reliability

With its powerful dual Xeon E5520 servers, Hostgator manages to maintain its 99.99% uptime comfortably, all the time. In fact, this is their greatest selling point, and rightly so given that only a few can match it. And given that they guarantee absolutely no downtimes, we can proudly say Hostgator is one web hosting company that can be relied on.

But that doesn’t mean Bluehost is inferior. The 99.99% uptime of Bluehost can understandably make any other company envious. They can reliably achieve this thanks to its combination of advanced caching system and international servers available across the planet.
Away from uptime, Hostgator boasted a better response time and page speed score of 190 seconds, unlike Bluehost’s server response time of 200 seconds. Still, a website running on Hostgator registered an average speed of 1.25 seconds, compared to Bluehost’s 1.3 seconds.

Customer Support

Because an excellent customer support desk in mandatory of any web hosting provider, you will definitely go with someone whose support is above par. Incredibly, both offer phone, ticket and live support services. Hostgator also includes the ever-vibrant forum that has over 20,000 active members. And since testimonials from users of both are seemingly satisfied with their support, we see this as a tie.

Webhosting plans and pricing

Straight off, Bluehost’s four different pricing plans; Enterprise, Business, Professional and Personal plans, ideally are what anyone hopes for. But not everyone is drawn to these plans, including the most affordable of them. Regardless of its premium features, Bluehost’s Personal plan that costs $29/m is way too expensive compared to Hostgator’s Hatching that’s available for $3.45 only.
Even if we go into detail, it is clear that Hostgator will be anyone’s choice.

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Control Panels

It goes without saying that Hostgator’s cPanel is the more user-friendly of the two. With its 1-click install feature and the sleek, non-ambiguous user interface, cPanel is far much better than the ordinary and lackluster looking one of Bluehost. You could say Bluehost cPanel is simple, but it is its only limitation to WordPress where it loses to Hostgator.


It appears Hostgator wins right here. This is because, while both hosting companies deliver probably the best services in the industry, everything eventually boils down to one factor: pricing. Bluehost offers no money-back guarantee, which also breaks this tie!

Hostgator Coupons 2017

Hostgator Coupon 2017 – top hostgator coupon codes for 2017. Save up to 70% on hostgator webhosting plans with these exclusive hostgator promo codes 2017.

Hostgator is undoubtedly one of the most popular webhosting services at present, and for good reason. After all, pretty much all their hosting plans are great, especially if their prices and corresponding features are considered. Every plan they offer are also arguably solid. Whether you are a beginner webmaster or been in the internet marketing game for years now, their plans never fail to attract people that much is for certain. Add to that their outstanding support, and you basically have a winning combination.

Hostgator Coupon 2017

The Coupons Seal the Deal

Many users would certainly agree, though, that Hostgator would not be enjoying the success that it has now if it had not introduced its coupons and promos. After all, who among us wouldn’t be piqued by being able to have your site hosted for 1 cent for its first month? The 1 cent coupon is only one of the many discounts that Hostgator is known for, though. They have actually even created a dedicated guide for users who intend to use their regular coupons every time users avail of their services for their webhosting plans or for purchasing domain names.

These are termed as regular coupons because they are the default coupons that Hostgator readily offer in their main site. As of this writing, they have a total of 3 coupons for Web and Reseller Hosting, namely spring20 (their basic 20% discount that would be applied on a user’s entire order), penny newcustomer1cent (both of which work in such a way that the first month for Hatchling or Baby are offered for a measly 1 cent only). Their sole domain coupon, on the other hand, allows you to buy top-level domains with a 20% discount.

Why You Should Not Completely Cross Out Third-Party Coupons Sites

While Hostgator’s regular coupons are already eye-catching enough as they are, know that there are actually ones that the hosting company doesn’t always readily reveal to people. They are often available for a limited time only and are usually offered because of an upcoming holiday (Christmas or an anniversary, for instance).

These coupons normally offer better deals that you definitely should not miss out on, as they can go for as high as 60-70% discounts. These numbers are certainly significantly higher than this company’s regular coupons, and what’s good is that there are a lot of them that actually cover long durations of service (12-36 months, to be exact). Those who look for new, limited Hostgator promos would probably agree that hunting for these coupons only ever adds to the thrill of being able to strike a hosting bargain for a site that you mean to put up and maintain on a long-term basis.

They are There for the Taking… If You Know How and Where to Look

Most third-party coupons sites that offer Hostgator coupons are also responsive enough in making sure that the promos and discounts they offer are the latest and actually working. With a simple exact search of these coupons, users would immediately be treated with a number of reputable sites that offer them. Some are headed with the current month that these coupons were released, making it easier for you to gauge the ones that offer up-to-date coupons. Every discount has its own description and rating as well, so you can be certain that what you would be using is legit and would be accepted once you press that Checkout button.

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HostGator Webhosting Plans

With more than 8,000,000 hosted domains and over 850 employees, HostGator is one of the leading web hosting companies that offer superior hosting whether you are looking for a personal, business or professional hosting. The HostGator remarkable hosting journey started in a Florida dorm room in October 2002 and by February 1st, 2003, the company had 112 active customers. By September 10, 2009, the company had over 200,000 customers making it one of the fastest growing web hosting providers in the world.

Best HostGator Webhosting Plans

The noteworthy HostGator growth is largely due to its reliable, high performance hosting with 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and a 45-day money back guarantee. The company also offers free Weebly site builder and website building tools, free 4,500 website templates, free domain transfer, free MySQL transfer, free Script transfer and 52 free scripts to all HostGator webhosting plans. Furthermore, all HostGator webhosting plans come with $100 Google Adwords Offer and $100 Yahoo/ Bing credit. HostGator offers several hosting solutions that include Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting.

Shared Hosting

Whether you are looking to start a forum, create a blog or sell online, the Shared HostGator webhosting plans are compatible with thousands of existing applications and software including Apache, Linux, PHP and MySQL to help you succeed. Furthermore, the Shared webhosting plans support a wide range of environments that include WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, Drupal hosting, Magento hosting, phpBB hosting and Wiki hosting.

The HostGator Shared webhosting plans include Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. The Hatchling Plan starts at a discounted $3.95 per month and offers single domain, one click installs, shared SSL certificate and unmetered bandwidth among others. The Baby Plan starts at a 40-percent discounted price of $5.95 per month and offers unmetered bandwidth, shared SSL certificate, unlimited domains and one click installs among others. The Business Plan starts at a 60-percent cut-rate price of $5.95 per month and offers unlimited domains, free private SSL, and IP, free tool free number and unmetered bandwidth among others.

Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting plans by HostGator offer up to 2X faster load times and 4X more scalable due to premium hardware, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers. The Cloud HostGator webhosting plans include Hatchling cloud, Baby cloud, and Business cloud. The Hatchling Cloud plan starts at an affordable $5.95 per month and comes with a single domain, 2GB Memory, and 2 Core CPU among others. The Baby Cloud plan starts at a discounted $6.95 per month and features unlimited domains, 4 GB Memory, and 4 Core CPU. The Business Cloud starts at an affordable $10.95 per month and features 6 Core CPU, 6GB memory, and unlimited domains.

Managed WordPress Hosting

The HostGator webhosting plans for Managed WordPress hosting offers supercharged speed, advanced security, seamless scalability and superior support. HostGator offers three Managed WordPress hosting plans that include Starter, Standard, and Business. The Starter plan starts at $5.95 per month and offers up to one site free migration, 50GB storage, and 25,000 monthly visitors. The Standard plan starts at $7.95 and supports two max sites, 2X power, 150 GB storage and up to 200,000 monthly visits. The Business plan starts at $11.95 and supports up to 5 sites, 500,000 monthly visitors and unlimited storage.

VPS Hosting

HostGator offers three VPS webhosting plans that include Snappy 500, Snappy 1000 and Snappy 2000 at $9.98 per month, $19.98 per month and $31.98 per month respectively. The Snappy 500 features 512 MB RAM, 0.5 Core, 0.5 TB Bandwidth and 25 GB disk space. The Snappy 1000 features 1000 MB RAM, 1TB bandwidth, and 60GB disk space while the Snappy 2000 features 2 Cores, 2000 MB RAM, 1.5TB bandwidth and 120GB disk space.

Dedicated Hosting

HostGator offers both Linux and Windows servers. The Linux and Windows Dedicated hosting plans start at a monthly price of $76.56 for Basic, $91.98 for Standard, $103.23 for Elite and $115.94 for Pro Dedicated server.

Hostgator gets a 5/5 rating from this review.