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A2Hosting is an upcoming hosting service that is increasingly gaining attention among companies and individual site owners. The provider has data centers in different parts of the world including Asia, Europe, and the US. This makes it an ideal option for companies that are looking for a wider reach for their sites. It currently hosts more than 100,000 websites around the globe. This host boosts impressive uptime and amazing support. Here is a comprehensive review of this hosting service.

A2Hosting Coupon 2017

Great Uptime
A2Hosting has one of the best uptimes in the market. It has managed to achieve a 99.99% uptime in the last year. This is critical for website owners because downtime can be costly. This hosting service can guarantee that your site will be up and running most of the time.

Money Back Guarantee
Users are assured of getting back their money if the host fails to deliver within 30 days after purchase.

This hosting provider has put in place a variety of measures to ensure users’ sites remain safe from hackers. Security is one the main features you need to consider before you sign up for a host. The service offers virus scanning, security monitoring, and hosting firewall. It also uses HackScan, a unique scanning system that blocks hackers before they can access your site and cause damage. These preventative measures allow you to focus on growing your brand.

Fast Shared Hosting
The hosting service claims that it can offer up to 20 times faster shared hosting speeds compared to other providers. This is quite impressive especially for leading companies that get a lot of traffic. Faster shared hosting means that your online users can load pages in less than a second. Online users want fast loading times to allow them to access the information they need quickly. Slow loading times can reduce traffic significantly.

A2Hosting limits the number of users on its shared hosting servers to enhance speed. They also offer additional features such as caching that allows users to store information on their browsers.

Competent and Fast Support
This hosting service provides efficient and fast customer support. A2Hosting has a team of friendly and supportive individuals who are knowledgeable about the various plans. Support is available 24/7 throughout the year. Users can contact support in various ways including ticket submission, email, phone, and chat.

Simple Signup
The signup process is quite simple. There are three steps included and it only takes a few minutes. The payments methods offered are also varied, allowing you to choose a channel you are comfortable with. You can make payments using credit cards, PayPal, check, money order, Skrill or bank transfers. Accounts are activated as soon as you make the payment.

A2Hosting costs more than some of the other hosting services. But the cost may be worth it if you are looking for faster speeds, great uptime, and efficient support. You can save by signing up for longer term plans. The host also offers discounts depending on the plan you want.

A2Hosting has proved that it does stand out when compared to its competitors. The unique features make it a good deal for site owners looking for a safe and fast hosting service.